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Hi, I'm Ben!

I bring ideas to life.


A maker and aerospace engineering student at the University of Maryland.

I work across disciplines to fill needs and create engaging experiences. 

Check out some of my projects below, my resume, or say hi!




WMUC Radio Mobile App

user experience design, app development : 2015 - Present 


The University of Maryland radio station, WMUC, needed a better way to reach the campus community.


I created an efficient and engaging streaming application, and built a team to ensure continuous development of the app across platforms. 


MyDesign Education Platform Wireframes

user experience design : 2016 - 2017 


A Professor on campus had done 10 years of research to develop a project-based learning framework


I helped his team design an online learning management system around this framework



Haalo Ambient Light Clock

 hardware design : 2017 


Clocks usually only tell numerical time.


This clock to uses color to intuitively show time of day, and even help you wake up or fall asleep on time.


experiential art : 2016


Environmental sound is a major part of how we navigate our world - and can even affect our health.


I created an augmented reality device to promote mindfulness of ambient sound, and its effects.


Point and Shoot Digital Camera

hardware art : 2016 

Cameras are everywhere in this digital age, and hold a lot of power.


I created a point-and-shoot camera out of a toy ray gun to emphasize this power.