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Point and Shoot Digital Camera

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Point and Shoot Digital Camera


Cameras are everywhere in this digital age, and hold a lot of power.

I created a point-and-shoot camera out of a toy ray gun to emphasize this power.

After a year and a half into my digital media honors program, Design | Cultures and Creativity, I began to think more about how media, technology, and art could be blended together. Aiming to emphasize the power of photography, I went to a hackathon in 2016 with the idea of creating a digital camera within a ray-gun shell, and the technology to do so.

This project used the Adafruit Feather AdaLogger, a lightweight board that logs data to a micro-SD card, and an ArduCam Arduino-compatible camera board. The trigger of the toy ray gun takes a photo - a true point-and-shoot camera.