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Creators Collective


Creators Collective is a campus organization I started to be an umbrella community for the making and creative clubs at the University of Maryland. 

It started with a basic conversation with two friends about the future of Sandbox, a makerspace on campus: it was totally underutilized. One friend was a mechanical engineer, the other a graphic designer. The graphic designer, however, had no idea about the makerspace prior to this ( "you guys have a Wacom tablet!?" ). Conversely, she was the president of the AIGA, a graphic arts organization with a student chapter at UMD - that I never knew about! 

The conversation deepened, and we realized there was a huge disconnect in the campus community. There were many creative organizations, but they were all so disjointed! We wanted to do something about this. So we decided to get people from as many organizations as possible, and I started sending out messages.

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And we got a roundtable together, and spewed ideas 

A lot of ideas - the next step was execution. While not a whole lot of these events ended up happening, just having the round-table and connecting people was a good first step - and many intersectional events ended up happening, whether because of the round table or not. Ultimately, these individual organizations were the ones that were good at putting on events. It was really about connecting the leadership and the audiences, it seems.

The next was to create an online central database for these events. Facebook already hosted most of these events, thus the Creators Collective page was born. Because you can add other people's events to a page, it was a good way to keep all of the events in one place.

The goal: make this community accessible to a more diverse audience who might not be 'in the know'.

It took a while to find a graphic style that worked, though, until a designer friend who was obsessed with bauhaus art sketched up something with me.


While it was a bit cold and less friendly than the page would need to be, it directed me to look deeper into the bauhaus ethic. Lo and behold, I checked the Wikipedia article,  and I found a line that jumped out at me:

One of the main objectives of the Bauhaus was to unify art, craft, and technology...

Ah ha!

This page, unifying art and tech, is reminiscent of Bauhaus ideology. A good source of inspiration for graphics!

So I gathered some good references

and gave it a whirl myself

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So now exists Creators Collective. And it's time to gather events, start promoting, and build a collective creative community. There's a lot more work to be done to build community diversity and engagement, but this is one of the first steps.

The making and creating community at the University of Maryland, aimed at connecting creative disciplines across campus. This page will be a common collection of these events around campus.

Sandbox - student-run makerspace
 AIGA - American Institute for Graphic Arts UMD Student Group
 Terrapin Hackers - Student Group
Startup Shell - Startup Incubator
Association for Women in Computing
Immersive Atoms - Interactive Art+Tech Exhibition 
Bitcamp hackathon
Technica Hackathon
Digital Media Club
If you feel your student group contributes to the mission and your events should be listed, message the page. 
Included groups are centered around empowering anyone within the student body to develop creative or constructive skills, share knowledge or resources, work on projects or ventures, or display/present that work, outside of university curriculum.
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